The method – Transformative Scenario Planning (TSP)

Transformative Scenario Planning (TSP) is an approach that brings concerned stakeholders from different, often competing, perspectives together around pressing sets of problems to build narratives that illustrate a range of potential futures. The method is based on bringing influential and thought-leaders together through multiple facilitated discussions. Participants identify the key forces around which to construct 3 to 4 plausible stories about the future.

TSP places significant importance on convening as diverse a group as possible, and pays attention to the different normative views influencing the scenarios. Emphasis is placed on scenarios as conversation starters toward deeper understanding and more collaborative action for change. In this way, scenarios are not the only outcome: more ambitious and longer-term outcomes are stronger collaboration and shared understanding between influential actors who have historically worked in parallel or at cross-purposes.

Examples of transformative scenario processes:

Transformative scenarios